Timeless Beauty

Despite its imposing presence in most of the views one can have over Alfama, the majestic Santa Helena Palace is a treasure known by only a few. Its construction started in the late 1500s, and for 400 years the palace was the family residence of the S.Martinho Counts, high officials in the Portuguese royal court.

“Located inside the city walls and profiting from an elevated position in relation to the river and S.Miguel’s vale, [the Palace] is a typical residence for the aristocracy that accompanied the court.”

— José Maria Lobo de Carvalho, Historical Buildings Conservation Specialist and Consultant for the Santa Helena project.

“The question was: how to divide a 1600 sq.m. space without losing its identity and, at the same time, fulfilling the needs of today’s life.”

— Samuel Torres de Carvalho, Architect

“This project was an exercise of patrimonial democracy: where one family lived, several families will now share their lives.”

— Samuel Torres de Carvalho, Architect

Modern Bliss

Originally executed by architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho’s pen and translated into 20 apartments which simultaneously refugee themselves in the Palace’s patio and open to wonderful and unexpected views over the Tagus river, the reconstruction of Santa Helena is a love declaration to Lisbon living.

Apartment 1 — Living Room
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Order & Harmony

With no two equal apartments, each one is as unique as your ways of living. Whether you favor a peaceful, secluded garden for quiet, romantic afternoons, a swimming pool for a weekend of family fun or an amazing view over the river as a setting for a dinner among friends, we trust Santa Helena to have the best solution for you.

Order & Harmony
  • 20 Unique apartments
  • 1 to 5 Bedroom configurations
  • 51 sq.m. to 483 sq.m.
  • Private leisure areas
  • Private Parking

Lisboa, Alfama

Alfama still preserves its original alleys; the sounds of Fado, the scent of different foods climbing its many stairwells, and the voices of history echoing in its alleyways, like a labyrinth hiding secrets of an ancient Lisbon, and the most well-kept of them all: Santa Helena Palace.

Lisboa, Alfama